Dimitar Gyopsaliev

Dimitar Gyopsaliev, an award-winning and internationally bestselling author, is devoted to giving his readers fast-paced and plot-twisted adventures. He doesn’t live in a castle with his family and doesn’t possess shining armor. 


Longsword: Edward and the Assassin

City of Acre, Holy Land, Friday, 17th of June, in the year 1272 of the incarnation of Christ, on the eve of Edward’s birthday. The Crusaders and Mamluks have recently signed a peace treaty when Peter Longsword, an orphan raised in a monastery, is caught in the storm of an assassination attempt on the royal Crusader. 


Follow Peter Longsword on an epic journey through the gritty world of 13th-Century Holy Land. He seeks a physician in the Salt Bay. But instead of finding solace, Peter finds himself in the middle of an excavation of a ship’s burial filled with dead bodies on the border between Mamluks and Crusaders.
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