Literary Titan Review 5 out of 5 for Oathbreaker

It’s awesome when you get 5 out of 5 stars.

Today I received a review from LITERARY TITAN for my book Oathbreaker. Here is the full text.

Dimitar Gyopsaliev’s Oathbreaker, the second installment in the Return of the Son series, is a captivating journey back to the turbulent times of the Crusades. This medieval historical fiction begins in the volatile aftermath of the Second Battle of Ayn Jalut, continuing the saga of Peter Longsword, a character whose very name evokes images of bravery and honor. Haunted by past failures and the death of his friend Adam, Longsword is a man transformed by grief and driven by retribution. His path is not just a personal quest but a navigation through the intricate historical animosities between Christians and Mamluks, with dangers lurking at every turn. Yet, Longsword’s journey takes an unexpected detour. A mysterious shipwreck uncovers a conspiracy tied to his lineage, shifting his quest from simple vengeance to a deeper exploration of identity and legacy.

This narrative twist adds layers to an already complex character, showcasing Longsword’s evolution from a mere street orphan to a figure of nobility and determination, reminiscent of the heroes in Ken Follett’s ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ series. Supporting characters like Lady Eleanor, Princess Shajar, and Ivar provide more than just narrative scaffolding; they are the emotional pillars that challenge and deepen Longsword’s journey. The dynamics among these characters enhance the story, offering moments of introspection and camaraderie amid the chaos. Gyopsaliev’s writing is fluid and gripping, weaving historical accuracy with rich, imaginative storytelling. The balance between action-packed sequences and character development is commendable, ensuring the pace is relentless yet reflective. The looming possibility of loss adds a layer of tension, making each moment and decision crucial.

Oathbreaker is more than a historical novel; it’s a tapestry of battle, betrayal, and belonging. It invites both seasoned enthusiasts and new readers into its vividly rendered past. While it stands strong, delving into the first book might enrich the experience. Overall, it’s a compelling blend of meticulous research, dynamic characters, and a story that resonates long after the last page.

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