Oathbreaker Book Trailer

Check out my first ever Book Trailer for my book Oathbreaker!

Here is the full script of the book trailer for Oathbreaker.

— Script —

In the turbulent aftermath of the 13th-century Crusades, Peter embarks on an epic quest. Haunted by a friend’s death and ensnared in political intrigue, he confronts a masked raider’s legacy of pain. Amidst nobles and pirates, Peter battles for vengeance and honor, questioning loyalty and identity. As relics unearth ancient secrets, his journey intertwines fate, deceit, and redemption. In a world where oaths shape destinies, will Peter emerge as a hero or remain forever branded as the Oathbreaker’s son? Discover a saga where every choice forges a legacy in the annals of history.

Follow the link below to watch it on the YouTube channel of LITERARY TITAN.

Oathbreaker (Return of the son Book 2)

Don’t forget to get your copy of the book from the link below.





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