My Oathbreaker Publication Map: A Journey in Self-Publishing

Hello everyone!

I recently stumbled upon my checklist for publishing my book, Oathbreaker, and I wanted to share it with you all. This publish map was crucial in keeping me organized and on track. Here’s a some of the tasks I set for myself leading up to the release date.

Timeline Highlights

30.10.2023: One month before the publication date (you can see it from the image)
28.11.2023: Planned publication date

Key Tasks I need to do before and around Publication date

As a self-published author, there’s a lot to manage before your book sees the light of day. Here’s a breakdown of some of the tasks I need to do:

Final Read-Through: Completing the final read of my last draft to catch any lingering errors.

Adding the map in the book.

Check my notes not to forget something.

Preparation for Publication: Ensuring all content was ready for the different formats (hardcover, paperback, and ebook).

Setting Categories for different formats (hardcover, paperback, and ebook).

Keywords too.

Updating Other Books: Adding links to Oathbreaker in my previously published ebooks to create a cohesive series experience.

Generate barcodes for my hardcover and paperback formats.

Obtaining ISBNs for each format of my book and be careful to add them correctly.

Creating some media and banners for my website.

Additional Tasks and Considerations.

It’s important to note that this checklist comes after the extensive process of writing, rewriting, and editing the manuscript. Here are the additional steps I followed:

Beta Reader Feedback:
Collecting and incorporating feedback from beta readers.
Sending out ARCs (Advance Review Copies) to early readers and influencers.

Formatting the book for print and ebook versions.
Ensuring proper layout and design for each format.

Marketing and Promotion:
Creating a marketing plan (social media, blog posts, email newsletters).
Scheduling promotional posts and ads.

Cover Design:
Working with a cover designer ( to create an eye-catching cover.
Ensuring the cover meets the specifications for all formats.

Pre-Launch Activities:
Engaging with my audience on social media and through my email list.
Creating buzz with teaser content and cover reveals.

Post-Launch Follow-Up:
Collecting reviews from readers.
Updating my author profiles on various platforms.

Distribution Channels:
Ensuring my book is available on multiple platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, etc.).

Book Awards and Recognition:

Entering Oathbreaker in different book awards such as Literary Titan and Outstanding Creator Awards.

Although the checklist might not seem extensive, it was invaluable.

My sister even smiled when she saw it, which was a nice confidence boost. I’m incredibly thankful for her support and encouragement throughout this journey.

Despite this, I’m almost certain I might have overlooked a detail or two—nobody’s perfect, after all!

Enjoy the map, and I hope it gives you a glimpse into the self-publishing process. If you have any questions or need further details, don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy writing and publishing!


In the link below you can find the full text of Oathbreaker review in LITERARY TITAN site:


In the link you can find all the Creator Classic – Spring 2024 Contest Awards.


Additionally, if you’re curious about what the Outstanding Creator Awards had to say about Oathbreaker, check out the link: Review of “Oathbreaker” – Outstanding Creator Awards in the link:


It is incredibly delightful when your hard work is rewarded, bringing a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment:

And for those who enjoy visual storytelling, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the Oathbreaker book trailer.

Ready to embark on an adventure? Grab your own copy of Oathbreaker and join me on a journey through a world of intrigue, courage, and friendship.

Thank you for your continued support!





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