Oathbreaker continues the thrilling historical fiction series Return of the son!

Oathbreaker continues the thrilling historical fiction series which began with Award Winning Author Dimitar Gyopsaliev’ debut novel Longsword: Edward and the Assassin.

Read the next chapter from the Return of the son series – Everyone is someone’s son.

“A man is only as good as his sword”

Experience the thrilling historical fiction novel Oathbreaker, set in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Ayn Jalut during the Crusades. Follow the gripping journey of Peter Longsword, a hero wracked with guilt after his friend’s death and on a quest for revenge. Struggling to find his place in a tumultuous world, Peter must confront both external threats and internal demons as he navigates through political intrigue and historical conflicts between Christians and Mamluks. Along the way, he develops relationships with Lady Eleanor, Princess Shajar al-Durr, Lord Broca, and Ivar as he seeks to uncover the secrets behind mysterious shipwrecks and his father’s legacy of honor versus betrayal. With powerful emotions and a strong conflict at every turn, will Peter be able to protect those he loves and find the truth before it is too late?

Oathbreaker is inspired by real events, so follow Peter’s next adventure in the Holy Land during Lord Edward’s crusade. I hope you enjoy it.

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