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Today I received a 5-star review from READER’S FAVORITE for my book Longsword: Edward and the Assassin. Here is the full review.

Reviewed by Trevor Otieno for Readers’ Favorite

The circumstances of some of the most intriguing but unsuccessful assassination attempts in history are covered in Longsword: Edward and the Assassin by Dimitar Gyopsaliev, which is set in the thirteenth-century Holy Land. We follow the story of Peter, an orphan who was raised in the Christian-controlled city of Acre against the backdrop of the western rulers’ faltering crusades. Having lived in poverty and committing minor crimes, Peter’s luck changes drastically after thwarting an attack on the royal prince, Lord Edward. Peter is then thrown into a complex assassination and betrayal scheme. Following a series of fortunate, if not unlikely, occurrences, Peter joins a team of Prince Edward’s soldiers entrusted with locating the best healer in the land.

While basing Longsword on real events, Dimitar Gyopsaliev puts readers on a roller coaster. Several historical personalities from the period feature in the book, including the future King of England, Prince Edward Longshanks, and Sultan Baibars, who add to the book’s vibrancy. The plot is incredibly well-written and the characters are engaging. I adored this historical novel because it makes the past come to life. I was captivated by the story till the very end because of the challenges that Peter faced and how he overcame them. I applaud Gyopsaliev for the quality of his work since it captures the world of sword brothers’ bravery and the strength of camaraderie engagingly. I’d recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and action stories.

In the link, you can find the full text in Readers’ Favorite site.

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